About Us

We are a 100% Aboriginal owned for purpose company using food as an enabler to generate sustainable funds to Close the Gap.


The Dreaming Food Group is a for purpose, Aboriginal owned and led company.

The Dreaming Food Group was established by Biripi Capital, an Aboriginal owned private equity and investments company of David Liddiard OAM and Michael Manikas which was founded to change the face of Aboriginal business in Australia by building Aboriginal led businesses of scale and capability.

We have 4 key elements to our business; food services (the provision of pantry style supplies to hotels, pubs, clubs, restaurants etc), manufacturing (food manufacturing), brands (development of consumer food brands) and native ingredients (for food and health).

David Liddiard OAM
Ngarabal and Biripi man from Northern NSW
Director, Biripi Capital
Co-Founder & Director, The Dreaming Food Group
Director & Chief Impact Officer, The Dreaming Foundation

Profits for Purpose

The Dreaming Food Group model is unique, that is,
a third of the profits of the Group are donated to The Dreaming Foundation whose purpose is to holistically look at the Close the Gap social outcomes and provide direct funding to Aboriginal led organisations to deliver programs and initiatives which Close the Gap.


To lead the way by creating an authentic and sustainable model for successful Aboriginal business in Australia through food.


To use food as an enabler to generate sustainable profits which have targeted distribution to Close the Gap.

Behind the Name

The Dreaming and its stories are linked to the creation process and spiritual ancestors, and still around today. The Dreaming also explains the creation process.

The fact that the  Dreaming is still around Aboriginal people  is a fundamental difference to other spiritual beliefs.

Source: What is the ‘Dreamtime’ or the ‘Dreaming’? – Creative Spirits, retrieved from

Through the Dreaming we are taught knowledge of plants and animals, to us, many of the flowering plants are treated as signs of animals available to hunt, fish about to appear, fruits about to ripen; the movement of the stars foretells the changing of weather, the birth of animals, the time for ceremony and gatherings.

Each Aboriginal person identifies with a specific Dreaming. It gives them identity, dictates how they express their spirituality (see below) and tells them which other Aboriginal people are related to them in a close family, because those share the same Dreaming. One person can have multiple Dreamings.

Each form shares the spirituality from the ‘Dreaming’. It is during ceremonies that the trance-like dreaming state seizes the Aboriginal people and they connect with the ancestral beings.

Principal Supporters

We recognise the support of the following companies who continue to assist The Dreaming Food Group and
The Dreaming Foundation to achieve its objectives.

The Dreaming Food Group recognises the significant contribution of Aboriginal Artist, Storyteller and Digital Creator, Wayne Quilliam (www.aboriginalart.art) as our Photographic Partner working with us to capture the authentic and true stories of Aboriginal Australia. Wayne's image's are displayed throughout this website.